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Bill "Shortfuse" Mann was a prospector, miner, and businessman in the Mojave Desert for over 50 years. He put together these books to tell of some of his favorite discoveries in the desert over the years, which include geoglyphs, petroglyphs, grave sites, ruins, and a few oddities.

Bill Mann Mojave Desert Guidebooks

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Guide to 50 Mysterious & Interesting Sites in the Mojave (Vol I)

“Traveling unprepared in the vast Mojave Desert could be hazardous to your health”

Covers areas around Afton Canyon, Barstow, Black Canyon, Crucero, Opal Mountain, Yermo, Silver Lake, Baker, and the Rodman Mountains. Over 150 color photographs.

Guide to 50 Mysterious & Interesting Sites in the Mojave (Vol 2)

Covers areas around Newberry Springs, Baker, Turquoise Mountain, Shoshone-Tecopa, Valley Wells, and Mountain Pass. Over 200 color photographs.

Guide to the Calicos: Ghost Mining Camps & Scenic Areas (Vol 3)

Covers ghost towns and scenic areas of the Calico Mountains near Barstow. Historic photographs from the late 1800s and early 1900s plus color photographs of the sites and gemstones found in the Calicos - Over 200 photographs.

Guide to the Remote and Mysterious Saline Valley (Vol 4)

Covers areas around Joshua Tree Forest, Saline Valley, Hunter and McElvoy Canyon, Willow Creek, and Beveridge. 45 sites. Over 200 color photographs.

Guide to the Beautiful & Historic Lucerne Valley & Vicinity (Vol 5)

Covers areas within Lucerne Valley, the surrounding desert and mountain ranges. Over 250 color photographs and 55 sites.

Guide to Big Bear and Its Hidden Treasures (Vol 6)

Covers areas within Big Bear and the surrounding forests and mountain ranges. 49 sites. Includes historic and modern color photographs.

Bill Mann guidebooks series - Mojave Desert